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Rotary and Vortex ESP Gas Separators, Mingo Motor Protectors, Alternative ESP Solutions, Adapter Kits and Couplings, Shroud Hangers, Downhole Check Valve Tools

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Mingo Horizontal Thrust Chambers, Surface Pump Intake Housings and Discharge Assemblies

ESP Components & Accessories

Rotary & Vortex ESP Gas Separators

Mingo has been making gas separators for more than 30 years. As one of the original designers of gas separators for the industry, our products are fully field-tested and used in downhole pump applications all over the world to effectively separate gas from liquid.

These field proven, cost effective designs are perfect for traditional applications with gas liquid ratios too high for standard pump stage volume limits. Mingo Separators are adaptable to multiple equipment providers and offered in 338, 400 and 513 series options.  For added AR support, tungsten carbide shaft bearings as well as corrosion and abrasion resistant coatings can be applied.


Rotary / Vortex


2 or 3


Rotary / Vortex


2 or 3


Rotary / Vortex


2 or 3

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Alternative ESP Solutions

Ninja LCI - Liquid Concentrating Intake

The Ninja intake is a specially designed Liquid Concentrating Intake, aimed to reduce gas entrance, as well as provide an artificial sump within the ESP string. The Ninja can be ran with multiple ESP providers in 400 series.

Mingo Motor Protectors

Mingo manufactures their own line of ESP Motor Protectors (Seal Sections). The product line was born just as a number of other products. A long time customer came to mingo having issues with their current supplier. Using In house engineering expertise Mingo has developed, tested and installed a number of configurable protector sections.

Mingo currently offers 338, 400 and 513 series protectors in a number of configurations and available options.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced mechanical seal section and optimized porting which increases reliability and decreases plugging

Robust housing and bearing sections- stronger longer running

Configurable with the ability to run as tandem

Designed by local industry experts with over 50 years of experience in seal/ bearing design

Adapter Kits & Couplings

Adapter Kits

Mingo’s innovative adaptor kits and crossover adaptors for electrical submersible pump components allow you to use products or components from one brand or type of equipment (pumps) to another.

As some of our most popular items, we produce a wide variety of adaptor kits for our oil industry customers. If you need an adapter, we probably have it in stock, if not, we will make it.

Shroud Hangers

Mingo Manufacturing’s shroud hangers offer a more rugged design than many others available on the market. Used to help cool pump motors, our shroud hangers can also be used for special applications, such as supporting a heavy weight from the pump string.

Especially in oil fields with sand problems, Mingo’s shroud hangers are the product of choice because of their sturdy design and corrosion resistance.

Downhole Check Valve Tools

Mingo Manufacturing has been making downhole check valve tools for over 25 years. Our check valves are field-tested to help prevent back-flow into wells.

As with all our products, our check valves are field-tested and offer more robust design, corrosion-resistance and better performance than many of our competitors’ products. We offer different sizes and types of materials in-house and are happy to discuss custom designs.

Contract Manufacturing

At Mingo our first priority is an unwavering commitment to on-time performance, quality workmanship, continuous improvement and best practices.

Mingo has invested heavily in acquiring and maintaining state-of the-art equipment as well as recruiting and training superior machinists who can meet our customer requirements. We provide manual as well as CNC close tolerance machining services, certified welding, fabrication and solutions for your steel manufacturing needs.

Build-to-print projects for the energy and pump industries are one of our largest business segments and we can assist in designing or modifying parts to fit any customer need. We specialize in high volume production and first article machining of new parts as well as modifications or re-engineering of previously used parts.

Have an immediate need? Expedited service is available – contact us to request a quote.

Machines & Capabilities
10- CNC Mills. 3, 4, and 5 Axis (X-50″ Y-20″ Z-25″)
10-Bridgeport Manual Mills
Mitsubishi 2400R Wire EDM (X-23.6″ x Y-15.7″ x Z-12.2″)
20- CNC Lathes – up to 20″ X 80″
9- Manual Lathes- up to 28″ X 240″
1- 30″ Vertical Turning Lathe
Complete Saw Shop with 16″ Capacity
1-Tap Burner
1-Key Seater
OD Spline Hob up to 2″
4-Drill Grinders
Radial Drill
72 Ton Press Brake
Limited ID Honing
Tig, Mig, Stick and Flux Core Welding
CMM Inspection

HVOF Thermal Spray

Guaranteed industry leading turnaround times and pricing.

Mingo’s leadership team has over 80 years of collective experience in thermal spray technology. Mingo employs a highly qualified thermal spray department that is invested in consistently providing the best product possible while maintaining industry leading turnaround-times, and excellent quality.

Fueled by our adjacent aerospace company, Mingo Aerospace, we are working to complete our vision as a full service coating provider with its recent acquisition and installation of a plating line and precisions CNC grinding machines. Mingo also has in-house non-destructive testing and a full metallurgical lab to support its coating operations.

Applications- ESP stage coatings, gas separator internal components, thrust runners, balls and seats, flow tubes, etc.

Surface Pump Products

Mingo Horizontal Thrust Chambers

Since 1981 Mingo has been manufacturing horizontal thrust chambers for the surface pumping industry. As the manufacturing headquarters for the REDA surface pump line in the late 1990’s Mingo designed, manufactured, and shipped nearly 4,000 completed surface pump skids. Since 2007 Mingo has primarily focused on developing our thrust chamber product line.  Look closely and you will find Mingo thrust chambers on a number of major equipment providers pumping units, as we provide and private label equipment to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Surface Pump Intake Housings & Discharge Assemblies
Intake Housings

Mingo manufactures our own line of stainless steel, welded intake assemblies to compliment our Horizontal Pump Thrust Chamber Assemblies. In addition to our own product line, MM is the premier domestic  choice for Intake housing and assembly contract manufacturing.  

ANSI Style Discharge Assemblies

We offer a complete line of ANSI style flanged discharge head assemblies. From 400 series 2” -600# and up.  Certified welders and consistent manufacturing processes allow us to produce the highest quality parts and domestically competitive prices. Mingo is the #1 choice for build to print discharge assemblies.  

Electroless Nickel Plating .... Coming Q3 of 2017!